Coaster Z20

Coaster Z20

MEDIpageTM pagers use CITIPAGES’s existing wide-area paging network, so patients and family members are free to go anywhere in the facility, grounds and surrounding area. Your staff will experience greater productivity when they spend less time managing waiting areas, and more time attending to the immediate needs of the patients.


Tone, vibrate, and 13 LED flashing alert.
Programmable length and Type of Alerts.
Each charger can Charge up to 20 Coasters(optional).
4 addresses (with four functions per address).
Programmable Alert type.
Two LED (Heartbeat, Alert, Out of range, Low battery).
Ni-MH Rechargeable battery.
Over the air “off “.
Synthesized or Crystal Type.
Business card space to insert Advertisement.

The Coaster will be turned off and charging at the same time when it is put in any slot of the desk charger, and turn on automatically when it is picked up.


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